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To aid our investigations where possible please provide a Crime Reference Number, this can be obtained from or by making a police report.

For example: A1234567

For example: A1234567

This information will help us to investigate your case thoroughly and provide a resolution.

By submitting a report, a fraud case will be opened and investigated by one of our specialist fraud team. We endeavour to open and remediate all investigations within 28 days. If we require any additional information to aid your case, we will inform you as soon as possible. In some instances, you may notice further orders/mailings/marketing on the account while our investigation is pending, to avoid concern/confusion a specialist will remediate these as part of the case closure process to limit/override detriment to the account & the business. We request you complete the following: • Update the password on the account; • Change password details across your other accounts; • Make a report to ActionFraud or your local police

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